Tips For Traveling With Friends

Traveling with friends can be a fantastic and memorable experience. If the trip goes great, you will have wonderful memories that will remain etched in your memory forever. You will laugh remembering anecdotes. A nostalgic smile will escape you when you remember that amazing thing that happened to you, or that food you tried. How nice right?

But the opposite can also happen, that the trip was a disaster because you did not share the same vision or idea. It is a pity that something that is expected with so much hope, and that you share with special people such as friends, does not have the end it deserves. But this does not have to happen. I am going to tell you some tricks for traveling with friends.

The first thing to do when traveling with friends is to share everything that comes to mind about the trip. What do we expect? What destination would we like to choose? What is the place that we do not want to go? What kind of trip do we want to live? A relaxing trip in a luxury resort is not the same as going backpacking to exploring rural areas and sleeping in hostels. What is the budget that each one can afford?

We don’t all have the same tastes. Nor are we all willing to sacrifice certain comforts. There are those who can not spend more than X amount of money. Or there are those who do not like to travel to adventure. If you organize a group trip, you have to be sure that everyone will be aligned and at the same point. If it is already difficult to choose which travel concept to organize, it is better to rethink it again before continuing.

You have to be honest

Following the previous point a bit, we must speak honestly . If there is something you don’t like, say so. If there’s something you feel like doing, say so. Let us not be ashamed to present our opinion . In this way the group can take it into account when organizing the trip.

They will not be angry if there is something you want to do and others do not. Activities can be organized separately at any given time so that nobody misses the opportunity to enjoy something that pleases them.

Organization of the trip

As you may already know, every trip requires a previous investigation. There are many things to prepare before leaving, airline tickets, accommodation, routes if we move around various places, things to visit, book excursions, etc. This is many hours of dedication. But this time you will travel with friends! Take advantage that you are not alone to distribute these tasks !

The ideal is to meet once in a while to put ideas and findings in common. Thus, decisions are made between all of them to make the final reservations. Search tasks can be divided by topic. One deals with accommodation, another with investigating places of interest, another with transport … Thus the responsibility is shared among all.

Take advantage of technology

Something I usually do is post all the documentation and information (reservations, itineraries, etc.) in a shared folder on Google Drive. Thus each one can consult and in turn share the content they have. An Excel sheet with the travel expenses and what each one is paying is a good idea for making accounts.

Also to stay or consult things about the trip you have to take advantage of all the means of communication that exist today. Creating a WhatsApp group with the members of the trip is very useful, also multi-call Skype if it is difficult to physically stay.

Trust friends

If organizational tasks have been shared out, trust others. Don’t criticize them for the work done. If you don’t agree with something, try putting it out as a complementary suggestion. Do not throw away the effort and work of your friends.

If organizing is not your thing, you do not like it or you are not good at it, and you decide to leave it in the hands of your friends, do not protest during the trip in case you do not like what was prepared. The time to make common decisions was in the meetings before the trip, now is the time to expose each one of their preferences.


Another very important thing is to accept and adapt to other situations. You do not travel alone, there are more opinions and tastes to consider apart from yours. Be compromise and adapt to the group, your opinion is not more important or valid than that of others. Leave the stubbornness aside and enjoy those new adventures that your friends propose even if it is not what you would have chosen first.

Respect schedules

Above all, respect your fellow travelers. If you are staying an hour to leave in the morning, be on time and don’t be late. If you take twice as long as the others to prepare in the morning, get up early and thus you will be ready at the same time as the others.

That they don’t have to wait for you every day because you have to get ready. The first day they will not tell you anything, the second they will be a little annoyed, but on the third day they will be angry (and rightly so). When traveling you have to take advantage of time and people don’t like to waste it waiting.

Enjoy And this is the most important point of all, relax, do not be angry about things that do not matter and above all ENJOY THE TRIP. It is a unique and memorable moment, make the most of it and live it like there is no tomorrow.

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