12 Interesting Things About Chennai City You Might Not Know

hennai has a rich history, brilliant societies and extraordinary conventions that make it stand apart interestingly. This capital of Tamil Nadu has a notoriety due to the staggering sea shores and sacrosanct sanctuaries just as an assortment of incredible spots to visit making any excursion here justified, despite all the trouble. It offers experiences for the entire family and even honeymooners, yet you will be astonished at exactly what number of things you may not think about the city that are exceptionally fascinating.

1. It is home to the biggest Library in Asia. This is the Anna Centenary Library that spreads over an aggregate of nine sections of land. The books here are of incredible worth and you can appreciate a read on a theme of your decision.

2. Chennai has world’s second longest sea shore. Marina sea shore is really one of the significant attractions carrying guests to the city. It offers stunning perspectives and quiet environment, despite the fact that it is inside the city premises.

3. World’s most seasoned therapeutic and designing universities are situated in Chennai. It is no big surprise that India makes extraordinary compared to other investigation goals, particularly in the restorative and building fields.

4. The city makes the origin of South Indian film. It comes next in the quantity of theaters in India after Mumbai. On the off chance that you love excitement, at that point you have a lot of theaters to investigate when visiting the city.

5. The biggest IT stops in Asia is situated here. It is the Tidal Park that was set up to encourage data innovation development in Tamil Nadu state. The 13 celebrated structure is an eminent bit of craftsmanship.

6. It is the social capital of India. There is continually something going on in the city to the extent social celebrations and occasions go. You can appreciate anything from moves, film and concerts.

7. It is one among the most secure rates urban areas in India. It has low wrongdoing rates and dependable law implementation, as indicated by overviews. This makes it additionally top of the line as the best city to live in.

8. Chennai is home to the first zoo in Quite a while and one of the biggest in Asia. This is the Vandalur Zoo spreading more than 602 hectares of land. It houses a huge number of verdure species and over a thousand wild animal types. It additionally has several imperiled species.

9. It makes the car center of India. The transport transportation courses in the city through Koyambedu are best arranged and the city additionally positions top three regarding bike populaces.

10. One of India’s most established arenas is situated in Chennai. It is the M.A Chidambaram Stadium that was set up in 1916. It is certainly worth looking at when in the city.

11. Chennai comes next in India in the quantity of individuals it utilizes as far as labor. The work openings in the city are noteworthy, no big surprise it makes perhaps the best city to live.

12. Chennai is additionally home to one of the most established Indian built up look into focuses, the Cancer Institute set up in 1920.

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