10 once-in-a-lifetime adventure trips

One of the greatest emotions of a trip is the choice of the trip itself . A shiver runs through the back when the globe turns wildly and then stops at the chosen destination. There are countries more suitable for family travel, others excel for relaxing destinations or natural beauty, still others are perfect for adventure travel .

Out of dozens of countries that can be visited around the world, some are pristine, wonderful places to practice outdoor activities and to enjoy an outdoor holiday: in this article we recommend 10 of the most beautiful .

Before leaving for an adventurous trip to a place we do not know, it is necessary to inquire about the presence of accommodation, the cultural aspect and the language. To travel in total safety and live the experience with serenity, we also suggest taking out an insurance that can cover any unexpected events while carrying out outdoor activities such as Totalsports .

Czech Republic

Home of the great climber Adam Ondra, the Czech Republic boasts a very varied territory where you can practice various sports activities in company or alone. The national park of Bohemian Switzerland is crossed by itineraries and trails of different levels. The Elbe cycle path enters the Czech Republic just up to the nature reserve and thousands of people ride it every year by bicycle . The least domesticated part of the territory is made up of woods and hills that do not reach excessive altitudes but still offer various outdoor possibilities.

Top sporting activities : cycling, hiking, MTB.

How long it takes : at least a week.

Recommended Movie : The Chronicles of Narnia – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Located in the far north of Europe, this island has become a popular destination for bicycle travelers . The wild landscapes, the active volcanoes, the foaming waterfalls and the still partially unpaved roads make Iceland an ideal country for an adventure trip . If you don’t believe it, watch the movie The Secret Dreams of Walter Mitty and you can get a taste of it. Iceland is also a perfect country for trekking and in winter for snow activities.

Top sporting activities : hiking, cycling and skiing.

How long does it take : at least two weeks.

Recommended movie : Walter Mitty’s secret dreams.

Enclosed by some of the highest peaks in the world, Nepal is a country steeped in spirituality and culture. Loved by climbers from all over the world , Nepal is also the ideal country to organize an adventure trip on foot, crossing mountains and remote villages along one of the many multi-day itineraries. If you are trained, you can decide to cross passes and pristine landscapes even riding a mountain bike.

Top sports activities : mountaineering, trekking.

How long does it take : at least three weeks.

Recommended movie : Himalaya – A boss’s childhood.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is certainly one of the most remote places in the world where populations with traditions intact for hundreds of years still live. In Papua New Guinea it is possible to spot rare ornithological species such as some birds of paradise and is therefore a place for birdwatchers . Along the coasts you can practice kayaking, diving and snorkeling paying attention to the presence of sharks. Papua New Guinea is a true naturalistic paradise.

Top sports activities : kayaking, snorkeling and diving.

How long does it take : at least three weeks.

Recommended movie : I am a girl .


It seems incredible but this small enclave of South Africa is a country full of charm and culture, a friendly and welcoming country even if it does not have many tourist services. The roads are mostly unpaved and inaccessible and tackling them by bicycle becomes a real adventure. The inhabitants of Lesotho, the basotho, still move on the back of a mule or on ponies from one valley to anotherand it is precisely on the saddle of these animals that a real adventure trip can be organized to discover the mountainous territory of the nation. Lesotho is the only country in the world whose territory is located totally above 1300 m altitude. If you decide to visit Lesotho don’t forget to challenge the slopes of the Sani Pass , one of the most beautiful passes in the world. The Sani Pass connects Lesotho to South Africa and I suggest you ride the asphalt climb in Lesotho and then try an extreme downhill on the dirt bends towards South Africa.

Top sports activities : hiking, extreme cycling.

How long does it take : at least 10 days.

Recommended movie : The forgotten kingdom.

The homeland of the lemurs is a large and varied state, ideal for an adventure trip to Africa where the encounter with oriental culture is evident. In Madagascar you can pedal, swim, walk, dive, sight … interspersing adventurous days with relaxing afternoons on deserted beaches.

Top sports activities : snorkeling, diving and hiking.

How long does it take : at least two weeks.

Recommended film : Madagascar.

Costa Rica
This Central American nation is one of those places where the rainforest, even a stone’s throw from the ocean, offers the best of itself. Trekking, climbing, Costa Rica boasts perfect volcanic cones as well as several mountain ranges, mountain biking … and then also diving, kayaking and windsurfing in the most suitable areas. If you want to go on an adventure holiday in Costa Rica there is fun…

Top sporting activities : trekking among volcanoes, diving, kayaking.

How long does it take : at least two weeks.

Recommended film : 1492 – the conquest of paradise.

Country full of possibilities for those who love outdoor activities and remote places: from the Amazon to the Pico Bolivar, the highest mountain in Venezuela.

Venezuela also offers many alternatives for water sports along the kilometers of the north coast: diving, snorkeling and kayaking but also more adrenaline sports.

Top sports activities : rainforest trekking, snorkeling.

How long does it take : at least two weeks.

Recommended film : Oriana.

The word Alaska is par excellence synonymous with adventure. With the very high McKinley and the breathtaking landscapes of the film Into the wild, Alaska is one of the most popular destinations for those who dream of a trip to the most extreme Nature. In addition to hiking, climbing and mountaineering, the bravest can get informed to try their hand at kayaking or canoeing down a stretch of the Yukon River.

Top sporting activities : trekking, mountaineering, extreme descents on the Yukon River.

How long does it take : at least three weeks.

Recommended movie : Into the wild .

New Zealand

Formed by two large main islands , very different from each other, New Zealand offers great possibilities to those who prefer an active holiday dotted with new experiences and adventure. In addition to the natural beauty, the opportunity to spot kiwis (especially on Steward Island) and whales off the east coast of the south island, in this strip of land at the antipodes of Italy you can practice kayaking (we recommend the Golden Coast ), bunjee jumping (in Queenstown), hiking both at high altitude (in the Mount Cook area) or along the multi-day trails. Walking with a backpack in shoulderand supplies you can stop in the refuges that punctuate the New Zealand itineraries: many are equipped with stoves and beds, others also offer the possibility of cooking inside them. In the north island you can tackle other types of trekking among the volcanic cones scattered throughout the territory (Taranaki or …)

Top sports activities : hiking, cycling, kayaking.

How long does it take : at least three weeks.

Recommended Movie : The Lord of the Rings.

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